Day of the Dead
The Days of the Dead (Dias de Muertos) are celebrated each fall in Mexico from October 30th to November 2nd. More festive than somber in its reunion atmosphere the festivities are often a village’s biggest event of the year. Favorite foods are prepared, pictures displayed on altars and a communion with past souls is celebrated. Modern Day of the Dead practices result from a merging of indigenous culture with the Spanish All Saints Day.

In observance of Dias de Muertos Owner Cheryl Marquez creates a traditional altar in the restaurant drawing from her extensive personal collection of Day of the Dead artifacts. Not an art display, the altar remembers past friends with pictures and remembrances. Please join us in October to celebrate Mexico most festive and reverent time of year.

Special Day of the Dead Event Coming To Tortilla Flats on October 9th. Click here for more info on this special Soquel Santa Cruz Event!

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